What Those “Save on Commission” Companies Don’t Tell You

In a healthy real estate market it would seem that selling a home is something that requires very little work and that just about anyone can do it.

And if anyone can do it why would you hire a Real Estate Agent? I thought I’d share some insights these DIY companies probably won't tell you.

1. How to properly price your home – Relying strictly on a “comp report” isn’t going to magically sell your home. With over 20% of homes that hit the market that never sell, being in a seller’s market doesn’t automatically mean your home will get snapped up for premium price. A real estate agent is a market expert who has a solid understanding of historical market trends, per square footage pricing, neighborhood niches as well as a keen understanding of buyer wants and needs.

2. You won’t save 6% - The promise these companies make is that by selling the home yourself you’ll save on all real estate commission costs (6% average in Utah.) However what they fail to highlight is that these companies will not only ask you to pay them up front they will also “recommend” you commit to paying a Buyers Agent Commission (3%) – who by the way is responsible for the Buyer’s best interest.

3. How Emotional Selling a Home Is – There’s a reason you’re advised not to walk into court without an attorney. A defendant is generally attached to the outcome of the verdict making his or her ability to negotiate for themselves impartially almost impossible. As a homeowner you care at a very high level that someone love your home and that they pay you top dollar for it.

4. How Much Time It Takes – Showing your home to strangers, taking phone calls from buyers, real estate agents, verifying proof of funds (loan pre qualification), open houses, hours and hours of negotiating with buyers, their agents, lenders, home inspectors, title companies and appraisers, will quickly turn into a day job. And if you already have a day job your employer may not welcome the distraction.

5. How These Companies Make Money – One of the primary reasons these companies are able to charge you “cheaper” upfront costs is because they use your home as a marketing tool to attract “buyer leads” (other buyers that won’t buy your home that they can sell other homes to.) Most “save on commission” companies generally also own mortgage companies that they can sell loan programs to, to all those buyers that don’t buy your home. A pretty great business idea right? For them yes, for you as a home seller, maybe not.

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Ali Garbero